Soul Sacrifice has been voted one of the Top 10 Tribute Bands in the Pacific NW.

Enjoy the Music of Santana, the atmosphere and the sizzling Latin Beats that make the Music of Santana loved by people world wide.





Soul Sacrifice is the NW's Premier Tribute to the Music of Santana. From Woodstock to some of Santana's most recent Hits, Soul Sacrifice performs these songs with a passion and joy that engulfs the audience in the entire atmosphere of Santana's music.

Featuring some of the NW's finest musicians & percussionist's, they infuse the music with the infectious Latin rhythms that have made Santana's music beloved around the World.

Songs like Evil Ways, Jingo and Soul Sacrifice, from Santana's first album, to songs from Abraxas, Black Magic Woman, Gypsy Queen and Oye Como Va, right up to some of today's great hits, like Primavera and Maria Maria, Soul Sacrifice brings the songs to life with a refreshing new spirit. The band loves the music and puts their Hearts & Soul into each song.

Featuring one of the NW's finest male vocalist, Bobby Cedeno, along with Tommy Sandovallegos on percussion and vocals, Andreas Stollar on guitars/vocals,  Ron Fincher on drums & percussion, Don Fincher on bass/vocals, J.W. Robertson on Keyboards/Vocals, Melvin Fincher on Saxophones/vocals & Karl Ronning on Trumpet/vocals,  these talented musicians make a Soul Sacrifice performance an absolute "Must See".

This Band really Lives, Loves and Feels this music and it translates to an outstanding performance every time they go onstage. Once you see and hear them, you will agree, Soul Sacrifice is truly the Premier Tribute to the Music of Santana !!



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Soul Sacrifice is a member of the JPR Entertainment NW Family of All Star Bands

Soul Sacrifice is a member of the JPR Entertainment NW Family of All Star Bands